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Sea Tower Solitaire

Similar game to Freecell, except on the tableau you have to build down in suit. Try to solve all 3 levels for your high score. Move all the 52 cards to the 4 foundation piles up in suit from A to K (2 top left and 2 top right places). The 4 free cells can hold any card (middle top). You can build cards down by suit on the tableau (this is the difference with the classic FreeCell game). You can also move multiple cards already in sequence.

In level 1 you can move any sequence regardless of the number of free cells and free columns and empty columns can be filled with any card or a sequence. In level 2 you can only move a sequence if you have enough free cells or free columns and in level 3 you can only move a King or a sequence starting with a king to an empty column.
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